Sunday, March 30, 2008


Welcome to the brand new blog for MPTW. This is where I will post information about updates and ideas related to MPTW. I will still post major things to the TiddlyWiki mailing list, but minor improvements, fixes and updates, as well as thoughts, ideas, discussions and musings on MPTWs future and other related topics will be posted here. Subscribe if you're an MPTW user who want's the keep up to date with the latest in MPTW.


The point of this theme is to give you some more screen real-estate. And hide the clutter of the sidebar tabs.

Try it out by clicking here and then click "apply" from the tiddler toolbar.

MPTW 2.3 and higher users, if you want to update you can follow these instructions:
  • Click backstage, import
  • Select MptwUpgradeURL from predefined feeds and click open
  • Tick MptwTrimTheme (or just tick everything if you want to ensure your MPTW is up to date).
  • Untick "Keep these tiddlers linked..."
  • Click import
  • Save and reload

Saturday, March 8, 2008

What's New in 2.3

The new theme mechanism is the biggest change. And we are now using the latest TW code. See here for more details.